Undercar Battery Boxes АЯ-50, АЯ-110

АЯ-50 and АЯ-110 undercar battery boxes comply with current requirements and house batteries to power electric train auxiliaries in emergency and no-power modes.

We supply boxes with and without batteries. Battery box features one or several tables that house batteries. Such design allows for easier maintenance and electrolyte level control during scheduled inspections.

It can also house powder extinguisher to protect battery boxes against fire. The dry chemical device triggers at 170°С max. Battery boxes are compatible with the batteries as follows: КРL120Р or НК-125 battery with the АЯ-50 box; КРL60Р or НК-55 battery with the АЯ-110 box. Moreover, boxes allow for installation of other types of batteries of about the same size as those listed above (subject to Customer's consent).


Feature or Parameter NameUMFeature or Parameter Definition
Overall Dimensionsmm1,654х710х8022,105х1,013х804
Weight without batterieskg265420
Battery TypeКРL120Р or НК125(П)КРL60Р or НК55(П)
Output VoltageV50110
Battery WiringSeries-ParallelSeries
Battery CapacitanceAh12060

SK MTR Codes

АЯ-110 Undercar Battery Box3187303772
АЯ-110 Undercar Battery Box with KPL Batteries3187303773