High-Speed Circuit Breaker БВП-105А

High-speed circuit breaker БВП-105А is an electropneumatic enclosed DC device designed to protect main circuits of all-series DC trains against short-circuit current.

The circuit-breaker has auxiliary contacts to control auxiliary low-voltage circuits. It involves domestic materials and modern technologies.


Main Circuit Voltage
- Rated 3,000V
- Max 4,000V
Rated Continuous Current 250А
Setting Current 575–700A
Limit Breaking Current 20,000А
Opening Time 3–3.5 ms
Rated Voltage of Control Circuit 50 or 110V
Air Pressure in Brake Line 5 kgf/sm2
Overall Dimensions:
- Length 1,250mm
- Width 695mm
- Height 860/840mm
Weight 305kg

Codes СК МТР БВП-105А

High-Speed Circuit Breaker БВП-105-01, 50В 3414810036
High-Speed Circuit Breaker БВП-105-02, 110В 3414810037

SK MTR spare part codes for circuit-breaker БВП-105А

Coil БВП-105А, 50В3456610050
Coil БВП-105А, 110В3456610050
Contact (5ТР.551.049)3187301858
Static Contact of Circuit Breaker (5ТР.551.037)34566110046
Contact (5ТР.551.036)