Intercar Low-Voltage Connections ШУ-101, РУ-101

Intercar connections ШУ-101 (plug) and РУ-101 (receptacle) are designed for connecting main LV control circuits of all-series electric trains.

Connections are offered with either soldered or unsoldered wires.

РУ-101 and ШУ-101 have 34 tin-bismuth coated pins. Silver coating is upon Customer's demand. Connections are enclosed in an IP-rated cabinet with rust-proofing paint designed for operation in the moderate continental climate.


Feature or Parameter Name UM Feature or Parameter Definition
ШУ-101 РУ-101
Rated Voltage V 220
Continuous Current А 20
Pins pcs. 34
Pin Coating
(silver coating upon Customer's consent)
Overall Dimensions:
- Length mm 314 365
- Width mm 250 330
- Height mm 156 233
Weight kg 5.2 12

SK MTR Codes

ШУ-101 Plug for Intercar Control Circuit Connection3187301784
ШУ-101 Plug for Intercar Control Circuit Connection with Wires3187301337
РУ-101 Receptacle for Intercar Control Circuit Connection3187302947