Lightweight Single-Arm Pantograph АТЛ15-ТЭК130-У1

Single-arm pantograph is intended to transfer power from a contact wire to equipment of AC locomotives and that of DC/AC trains capable of running at up to 130km/h.

U1 climatic version per GOST 15150-69.

Pantograph Code:

АТЛ - X - X - X - У1
1 2 3 4 5

1 - Lightweight single-arm pantograph
2 - Model serial number
3 - Manufacturer
4 - Limit speed
5- Climatic and installation versions per GOST 15150-69.


Rated DC Voltage, V 3000
Rated AC Voltage, V 25000
Continuous Current While Running, A min 750
Operating Heights of Lowered (Fold) Pantograph, mm 400…1900
Lift Heights of Lowered (Fold) Pantograph, mm min 2100
(Adjustable) Static Pressure Force within the Lift Height Range:
- Active, min. N 70
- Passive, N max 110
Difference between the Minimum and the Maximum Static Pressure Forces measured within the Operating Height Range while One-Way Running, N max 15
Double Friction Value in Pivots Reduced to the Area of Contact Wire, N 20
Transverse Stiffness within the Lift Height Range, N/mm min 17
Longitudinal Stiffness within the Lift Height Range, N/mm min 12
Reduced Weight of Moving Parts, kg max 33
Time Required to Reach the Maximum Operating Height under Rated Compressed Air Pressure, sec 5-8
Time Required to Fold under Rated Compressed Air Pressure, sec 3-6
Rated Compressed Air Pressure, MPa 0.5
Pantograph Weight, kg max 225

ATL single-arm pantograph has a number of advantages over ТЛ-13У1 series pantographs:

  • Lightweight;
  • Lower reduced weight of moving parts that ensures a better handling of wire drops and therefore a better pantograph/wire contact, minimizes contact strip damages (spalls) and improves current collection.

Pantograph is equipped with wear-free atmosphere-resistant bearings allowing for a reliable and lifetime operation.

All said solutions reduce operating costs, extend pantograph service life and slow the wear of strips and contact wire.