Auxiliary Oilless Piston Compressor for Electric Trains and Locomotives

Compressor's function is to supply compressed air to rolling stock auxiliary devices and mechanisms (electric trains and locomotives), to pantograph lifters in particular.


Компрессорная установка винтовая - ВКУ-0,6-ЭП-01

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Компрессорная установка винтовая - ВКУ-0,6-ЭП-01 предназначена для наполнения сжатым воздухом основной пневматической тормозной системы электропоезда. Оснащен блоком осушки и очистки воздуха.


Screw Compressor ВКУ-0.6-ЭП for Electric Trains

ВКУ-0.6-ЭП screw compressor is designed to fill train brake line with compressed air.


Screw Compressor ВКУ-0.6-МП for Subway Cars

ВКУ-0.6-МП screw compressor is designed to be used in subway cars and to provide cars' pneumatic systems with compressed air thus replacing existing piston compressors that are known to have a number of disadvantages: high noise and vibrations, low reliability and short life cycle, high labour maintenance costs.