Screw Compressor ВКУ-0.6-МП for Subway Cars

ВКУ-0.6-МП screw compressor is designed to be used in subway cars and to provide cars' pneumatic systems with compressed air thus replacing existing piston compressors that are known to have a number of disadvantages: high noise and vibrations, low reliability and short life cycle, high labour maintenance costs.

Compressor represents a housing with components, control system and compressed air dryer inside.

Drawout components ensure easier maintenance and repair which is compressor's advantage.

It is totally interchangeable with current piston compressors due to overall and connection dimensions, especially to points that serve to position the compressor under a car or to fix it onto pneumatic and electric systems.


Compressor Type Screw
Discharge Pressure, MPa 0.8
Min Flow Rate Reduced to Conventional Suction Conditions, m3/min 0.62
Shaft Rpm 2400
Max Wattage, kW 5.5
Oil Consumption under 100% Duty Cycle, g/h max 3
Oil Temperature, °С max 110
DC Supply Voltage, V 750-200+225

Overall Dimensions, mm max

- Length 850
- Width 737
- Height 780
Weight, kg max 250


Dryer Type Double Chamber
with Automatic
Max Solid Particle Size downstream the Dryer, µm 10
Max Mass Concentration of Solid Particles downstream the Dryer, mg/m3 2
Max Mass Concentration of Oil downstream the Dryer, mg/m3 5
Dryer Resistance, MPa max 0.01
Air Rate, % max 15
Adsorbent Change Frequency, years 2

Overall Dimensions, mm max

- Length 537
- Width 228
- Height 432