Screw Compressor ВКУ-0.6-ЭП for Electric Trains

ВКУ-0.6-ЭП screw compressor is designed to fill train brake line with compressed air.

Scope of Application: DC and AC electric trains.
Supply Voltage: 220 VAC
Climatic Version У1 per GOST 15150-69.

Compressor Code:
ВКУ means screw compressor plant - 0.6 is flow rate - ЭП stands for use in electric trains.

Compressor is allowed for use in other facilities provided that the operating environment is consistent with that mentioned in Specification and Operation Manual.


Discharge Pressure0.8 MPa
Flow Rate Reduced to Suction Conditions, min0.62 m3/min
Drive Motor Type220VAC 50Hz Asynchronous
Drive Transmission TypeBelt
Overall Dimensions, mm,
Wattage5.5 kW
Max Weight250kg


  • easy maintenance and repair due to drawout components;
  • unlike piston compressors, screw compressor produces less noise and vibrations, exhibits higher reliability and longer life cycle, and is lighter and more compact though the both boast the same flow rate.