Standardized Automatic Rigid Coupler ТЭК.61.000ВО

Standardized automatic rigid couplers developed by TransElCon meet all modern requirements and are unique to the Russian railway industry as a whole.

Couplers are installed on regular passenger cars driven by electric and diesel locomotives.

Coupler is intended to:

  • Ensure an automatic mechanical coupling of rolling stock units (cars) on straight and curved tracks;
  • Couple cars to avoid their self-uncoupling when in any operation modes;
  • Transfer traction and breaking forces;
  • Limit longitudinal forces generated between cars while running, shunting or running in emergency mode;
  • Ensure a higher passenger comfort by reducing longitudinal accelerations produced in transitions;
  • Ensure intercar connections.

TransElCon couplers are easy to replace with standard CA-3 automatic couplers featuring a coupler contour line per GOST 21447-75 and an aligning rigid beam while repairing.

Couplers are to operate in moderate and cold climates and therefore boast a УХЛ1 climate version per GOST 15150-80.